Dryers and drying plants for
most diverse uses.

Ponndorf Anlagenbau develops and produces indirectly heated tubular bundle dryers,
Roller dryer and disc dryer.
We are specialized in technical solutions for breweries and have at our disposal
many years of industry expertise. With us your project is in good hands.

TH – Wood Chip Dryer

– indirectly heated tubular bundle dryers
– especially for the drying of wood


RK – Tubular Bundle Dryer

– contact dryers heated indirectly with steam
– for drying free-flowing natural materials.


RS – Tubular Bundle Dryer

– indirectly heated contact dryers
– for the drying of coarse-grained, free-flowing natural materials.


S/G – Yeast Dryers

– roller dryers heated indirectly with saturated steam
– especially for the drying of wet yeast


RD – Disc Dryer

– contact dryers heated indirectly with steam
– especially for drying pasty materials


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