Industry solutions for breweries

Plants and system solutions for breweries

Ponndorf Anlagenbau is a specialist for brewing technology. We project, develop and deliver system solutions according to individual requirements:
➔ screw presses for spent grains dewatering
➔ yeast drying plants
➔ wet spent grains conveyors
➔ conveyors with receiving vessels
➔ silo plants
➔ silos with discharging devices
➔ accessories: stoppers, pipeline shunts etc
Our product portfolio is specially tailored to the brewery industry and the brewing trade. Whether individual plants or more complex system solutions, your project is in good hands with us.
Schematic view of a yeast dryer
System consisting of yeast heating vessel, yeast supply pumps, return pump, dipping trough, overflow channel, dryer roller, vapor extraction with conveyor, paddle screw with conveying to the dry yeast silo, which completes the system via deaeration filter, bagging scale and dust extraction.
Information about our plants and systems for breweries can be downloaded here as a brochure.

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