Disc Dryers Series RD

Our disc dryers of the series RD are indirectly heated contact dryers, especially designed for viscous products like:
➔ sewage and paper sludge,
➔ pomace,
➔ fish and fish meal,
➔ grape grains, grieves,
blood and chicken dung.
The heating area consists of double-walled discs which are mounted in specific intervals on a hollow shaft. Transport paddles are mounted around the discs, conveying the material in axial direction. Scrapers, installed between the discs, guarantee a continuous and intensive mixing of the product. The scrapers are available in different executions and will be chosen depending on the product to be dried.
➔ heated by means of saturated steam at 7 bar (absolute)
➔ 25 to 350 m² heating surface
➔ 4 to 10 kg/m²h drying performance
➔ sturdy slip on gear mechanism
➔ inspection opening for supervision of material flow
➔ cleaning flaps at the bottom of the housing
➔ mounted on a sturdy supporting frame
➔ certified by TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection)
➔ wide choice of weldable construction materials
➔ variable rotational speed control of the disc rotor
➔ complete insulation for outside installation
➔ instrumentation and control system allows almost
automated drying process
➔ safety check according to international regulations
Information about our dryers and drying plants can be downloaded here as a brochure.

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