Tubular Bundle Dryers Series RK

Our tubular bundle dryer of the RK series is an indirectly heated contact dryer. It has especially been designed for free flowing materials like:
malt spent grains,
maize germs, maize hulls, maize gluten and maize flour,
crushed soybeans, crushed rape seeds and grapeseeds,
mineral granulates,
sesame, rice flour and sunflower seeds.
Constructively, these dryers are designed as horizontally rotating tube bundles. The heating surface consists of heating tubes, which are rolled in tube sheets at both ends.
On the outer length of the bundle lifting and transport blades are mounted, through which the material is transported in the axial direction and continuously fed to the heating surface.
➔ heated by steam
➔ 140 bis 210° C steam inlet temperature
➔ 3,000 to 3,360 kJ thermal energy consumption per kg evaporated water
➔ 25 up to 2500 m² heating surface
➔ 3 to 6 kg/m²h specific drying rate
➔ inspection openings
➔ mounted on a sturdy supporting frame
➔ certified by TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection)
➔ Manufacture in various weldable material grades.
➔ Full insulation for outdoor installation
➔ Largely automatic drying operation when using a measuring and control system
➔ Testing in accordance with international safety specifications and certificates
Information about our dryers and drying plants can be downloaded here as a brochure.

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