Silos and silo plants

Wet spent grains silo plants and dispenser systems

Our silo plants for the storage of wet spent grains are specially designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of our customers.
The dispenser attached to the silo is used for controlled, fast and clean feeding of a transport vehicle with wet spent grains.
Silos, silo plants and dispenser systems are also available individually.
➔ silo capacity 5 to 400 m³.
➔ as supporting structure or with standing frames
➔ with ladders, allround safety railings and ventilation gratings in the silo cover


➔ wide choice of weldable construction materials,
e.g. 1.4301 or 1.4571
➔ electrically driven mixing blades to overcome bridging of spent grains in the conical silo part
➔ integrated ball collecting and return system
Specifications silo dispenser systems:
➔ 500 to 1100 kg/min discharging performance
➔ robust slip-on gearbox
➔ rinse-water socket
➔ low-maintenance operation, long service life


➔ wide choice of weldable construction materials, e.g. 1.4301 or 1.4571
➔ electrically or pneumatically operated slide gate
➔ insulation of the silo dispenser system
➔ thermostatically controlled heating system
➔ motor-driven telescopic chute for varying vehicle heights
➔ chronometrical measurement of spent grains dispense
➔ or pressure controlled measurement (MHS 24)


Advantages of the pressure-controlled MHS 24 measuring device:
➔ high output accuracy (<± 5 %) ➔ adaptation to any silo size and silo shape ➔ continuous display of silo filling level ➔ simple operation ➔ insensitive to environmental influences ➔ simple mounting of the pressure transducer ➔ no wearing parts whatsoever


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